In a group of 4 -6 students learn

comprehensive musicianship including repertoire.

Building the skills children need to be successful in both school and life.

Instructions include music theory, technique, ear training and sight reading to prepare classical piano students for the State Music Exam and college auditions.

In every class, nurturing envionment where your child will have fun singing, moving, playing instruments and listening.

Using the most advanced technology such as MIDI instruments and many music soft program with friendly toutorals and elements of musicology.

Private  Lessons

Long Distance Video Lesson

Private lessons provides individual attention, focusing on expression of music and in-depth learning of music.

Instructor take in account the student's abilities and learning pace creates a personalized lesson plan best suited for the student.


Using the application through the internet video conference lesson for the long distance students. 

​ Numerous recitals and concerts are held through out the years. These provide students with the opportunity to build confidence in their performance ability and to gain performance experience.

SoLee Music Studio

music lessions

 since 1994    


Group Classes

Enjoy an immersive environment of discovery and interaction where you learn your favorite songs you love with your own pace. Buliding a strong music theory and have more fun in the progress your technique together. 

Adult Group Classes

Recitals and Concerts